COVID-19: Reactions as Wike sends coronavirus on sabbatical for Easter Celebration

Florence Uwaeme

As the state governor of Rivers state relaxes restrictions on religious gatherings this weekend, people have condemned this act of carelessness.

Some tweeter users have made fun of the state government’s decision to allow religious gatherings for the sake of the Easter celebration saying that the governor must have thought the Coronavirus also celebrates or recognizes the celebration.

Some residents of the state on tweeter and social commentators took to their tweeter handles to vent their disappointment at the governor Wike’s decision.

“Difficult to say but considering the massive clustering of people during the 2 days markets opening and now churches allowed to fully gather, we might just be quietly spreading this COVID thing with our own hands. But finally, GOD IS OUR HELP!!!

“Corona Virus (COVID-19) observes Easter break in Rivers State; Friday and Sunday and will be back afterwards, are we not blessed as a state?

“Rivers State has declared Friday to Monday Coronavirus free day as the virus has agreed to cease transmission until after Easter Celebrations in the state.

“Public holiday things. Did you watch the live stream of the negotiation between the Governor, his aides and Coronavirus? It was lit. In case you missed it, I have the link to the YouTube video somewhere I think.

“Honestly, I am ashamed for my state( Rivers State). Here in the UK, we are observing social distancing, the PM just left ITU yesterday, more positive cases and deaths rising. What do I hear in Nigeria? Some states relaxing restrictions for Jummat prayers and Easter celebrations.

“Governor Wike’s actions sometimes keep me wondering if he thinks before taking some decisions, I hope the virus will understand that people are celebrating Easter.

“I think religious stupidity will kill us as a nation more than the COVID-19, suddenly due to Easter, the governor relaxes the social distancing law in a large religious gathering, this is not right, does it mean the virus will be paused for this period?

“I guess the Coronavirus would also observe Easter and no one would be at risk to get infected… Watch out for Monday/Tuesday News!!! So according to Rivers State government, there’s a pause button for covid-19. It’ll be paused until after Easter. Tragic!

“After extensive stakeholders meeting between Rivers state government and Coronavirus, it’s been agreed that infections will now be suspended on Friday and Sunday.
The virus resumes work on Monday.
All residents are advised to go about their normal businesses

“I find the Rivers state case very hilarious. Wike goes ahead to harass pilots for bringing in passengers but doesn’t see anything wrong in reopening the state?

” Corona Virus (COVID-19) observes Easter break in Rivers State; Friday and Sunday and will be back afterwards, are we not blessed as a state? Our governor @GovWike is really fighting the pandemic in the forefront. Mr Project Me-ka ohh.