Twin sisters, 66, die of coronavirus within four days apart

Twin sisters died within days of each other after both falling ill with coronavirus.

Eleanor Andrews and Eileen, 66, ‘did everything together’ and are believed to have contracted the virus at the home they shared together.

Eleanor’s son Stuart said his mother was the first to show symptoms and died on March 29. Four days later Eileen passed away after being admitted to hospital.

Both sisters had underlying health conditions linked to their age Daily Mail reports.

Stuart, of Abercynon, near Pontypridd, said: ‘It doesn’t feel real. It’s beginning to take its toll on us and it’s getting harder every day.’

Eileen’s brother Phillip, 68, is now in hospital after also testing positive.

Stuart said: ‘It’s terrible, he was still up and about, he was active and to see him go like this you’d think he was a totally different person.

‘You think “it’s not going to happen to me – it’s not going to happen to me” because things like this don’t happen to us but it does, it does happen.

‘Just stay in, because this is the effect of people not staying in, and not listening to the Government. We don’t want to put people through what we are going through.’

Stuart’s wife Janice compared the experience to a ‘horror film or a nightmare’. She described how Eileen deteriorated rapidly while she was being treated in hospital.

‘We spoke to her on the telephone at about 8.15pm. She was on oxygen and we couldn’t make much out,’ Janice said.

‘They rang us at 9.15pm and said she was sat up asking for tea and jelly. Twenty five minutes later she had passed away.

Stuart said how both women will not enjoy the funeral that they deserve.

‘It has to be a closed funeral and there is only six allowed with the vicar or reverend. There will obviously no wake, no cars, that’s all you can do,’ she said.

It comes amid news today that 938 more people who tested positive with Covid-19 have died, taking the total number of fatalities to 7,097.