Opinion: The fire brigade governors and martial declarations

Travis Kwentua

Like many of you, I am not surprised about the breakthrough into spontaneous actions that has seen them act like enclave controllers without recourse to the rule of law.

Agreed that the sole aim is to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic but my question is where have these opportunistic local Tsars been over 18 weeks of the outbreak of the virus?

I am not one to cruelly deride this flyby night initiative which is mere aping what is seen as last resort in other climes like State of New York and others.

But they had ample time to create checkpoints/surveillance and screening centres, import test kits and emergency treatment units and deploy resources to check the influx of travellers.

Oh no! they had to wait until victims offered volunteered statement of being infected or as carriers.
With bewildering notoriety these Tsars are kicking out elected official and threatening to depose local chiefs from their chiefdom…really?

My concern now is that these Caesers are yet to determine how food and essential supplies get to the people.

Listening in to the riot acts being belched out by the Governor of my state of residence,Rivers, Wike, there was this moment of deep, stunned silence,where he mentioned markets and an entire section of the EAST WEST , Federal highway being on lockdown from dusk till dawn but the big question now is : how would sick victim get meals and the soon to be victims?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, and my guess is as good as yours on how this issue will be fixed when everything is on lockdown….

I know once of a revolution that was triggered by hunger and price of bread….go figure!