How to Keep fit while you work/stay at home

Florence Uwaeme

Now that we all have been forced to stay at home or work from home, it is imperative that we try as much as we can to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To avoid being overweight or having that protruding stomach that you detest, it is advised you engage in aerobic activities that would help you keep a healthy and happy life.

While we’re aware that most gyms have been closed down in compliance with the social distancing call by medical experts in order to not spread or contract the virus, there are work-out that you can do in your various homes without visiting a gym.

While you stay/work at home, it is advised to reduce long periods spent sitting by using active breaks every 30 mins.

Here are some of the simple things to do to remain healthy and active.

1. Walk up & down the stairs

2. Do some stretching exercise

3.Dance to music for a few minutes

4. Jumping Jack

5. Skipping with a rope

6. Alternate Lunges; you can add weight to it by lifting a pack of 60cl of table water

7. Step-up you can improvise by using a chair

8. Check out online resources to show you new ideas

9. Jogging around the house

10. Most importantly, healthy eating is as important as the work-out routines mentioned above.