Waist Beads; Artfully Elegant Ornamental Accessories

Florence Uwaeme

Waist Beads have come a long way. These Ornamental goodness has been around since time immemorial. Waist beads are worn for different reasons in different parts of Africa.

Although some people now attribute waist beads to some fetish or voodoo ornaments, it, however, does not diminish its relevance amongst waist bead wearers.

Waist Beads have come a long way. Waist Beads have been around as long as Africans and their culture have been around. There are several reasons why people wear waist beads. During the eighteenth century in Igbo land, waist beads were worn by women who are of marriageable age.

In recent times, millennial women have gone back to their waist bead wearing days. These beads are beautifully adorned in three different parts of the waist.

Three places You Can Wear Your Waist Bead

  1. You can wear your waist bead on your lower hip
  2. You can also wear it on your mid-hip
  3. And on your upper waist

No matter where you prefer to wear your own beads, the beauty and importance of these ornaments can not be underplayed.

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Reasons For Wearing Waist Beads

There are a plethora of reasons why women adorn their waists with these beauties.

• To regulate the waist region: This is one of the most popular reasons amongst millennials for wearing waist beads. Most times, the beads are made without elastic strands. Once the wearer adds an ounce of weight, the beads become tighter than usual. this enables the wearer to know when she is adding more flesh in the hip region.

• For the sheer beauty of beads: while some people wear waist beads in order to regulate weight gain in the waist region, some other people wear these beads just for the beauty.

These beads come in different colours that mean different things.

Beads Colour and What They Reflect

• Purple – Royalty, wisdom and spirituality
• Brown: Earth and stability
• Green: Prosperity and fertility
• Orange – Vitality, self-confidence and courage
• Blue: Healing and truth
• Red: Passion
• White: Truth And Purity
• Pink – Care/kindness and beauty
• Yellow: Energy and awareness