‘I’m being treated like a condemned criminal in prison’, David West tells Judge

david west, police

Tina Amanda

Sergeant Ogbomudia Egbomukuro, an IPO attached to the team of SARS officers set up to investigate the serial killing of ladies in hotels in Port Harcourt, has told Justice Adolphus Enebeli of Rivers High Court that fifty-eight thousand Naira was the amount recovered from David Gracious West and not sixty thousand Naira as alleged by the 1st Defendant.

West, a suspected serial killer is standing trial on an amended 10 count-charge of murder and attempted murder.

Sergeant Egbomukuro told the court that fifty-eight thousand Naira, a red techno phone and an army face cap were the items recovered from David West as at the time he was apprehended by SARS operatives along Tai – Akwa Ibom road, stressing that an inventory was taken.

The IPO said further that through investigation, it was discovered that Gracious West never had a house in Port Harcourt as he claimed, rather the 1st Defendant was squatting from one place to another.

He also testified that some of the exhibits tendered in court were recovered from the hotel rooms while others such as phones, handbags were recovered from the places where the 1st Defendant has sold them off.

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Sergeant Egbomukuro confirmed that through investigation, it was discovered that Gracious David West earlier killed Patience Hamon in a hotel located at Bende Road, Old Port Harcourt Township area and later tried killing Benita Etim at the same hotel, same day, adding that the second victim survived and was given five thousand Naira to report the matter to a police station.

The Sergeant said Gracious West also committed the same act in a hotel located at Oyigbo local government area where the 1st Defendant killed his first victim and hid her under the bed, brought in his second victim, killed her and left her on the bed, making a total of two corpses discovered from the same hotel room.

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Justice Adolphus Enebeli adjourned the case to 14th, 21st and 28th February for the continuation of cross-examination.

Our correspondent, Tina Amanda, reports that Gracious David West raised his hand to speak in court and Justice Enebeli granted him an audience.

West started by complaining that he does not like the treatment he is receiving in court.

Arrogantly and unremorseful, he told the court that he is being unfairly treated as a condemned criminal in prison even though he is still undergoing trial, adding that visitors who come to see him are not allowed in.

However, the prison warder who brought West to court lamented that their safety in prison is being threatened by the accused.

Justice Enebeli after listening to the duo warned Gracious West against his violent and unrepentant behaviour exhibited both inside the courtroom and prison, while reminding the accused that the charges against him are heavy.

The Judge further told the warder to ensure that the 1st Defendant does not get unnecessary liberty in prison, but should be treated like every other inmate.