Amotekun: Northern Group Seeks ‘Shege-ka-Fasa’ Security Outfit

Arewa Security Initiative, a coalition of northern groups under the has proposed the creation of ‘Shege-ka-Fasa’ security outfit in the north to help address insecurity in the region.

The group’s proposal follows the establishment of ‘Amotekun’ security network by South West governors in the region.

The group’s spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said the move was necessitated by the “apparent failure” of the government to safeguard lives and properties in the region.

“In the prevailing circumstances, the North is even more genuinely entitled to be angry at the rate its people are attacked, killed, towns and villages vandalized, innocent citizens including children abducted, and terrorized, families traumatized and communities displaced on a daily basis,” the group said.

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“All this while, the North has persevered in a dangerous security environment fueled by outside interests that thrive on the supply of such deadly merchandise as hard drugs and other harmful substances and the proliferation of arms into the region.

“With the current level of anger, frustration, and uncertainty that is fueling communal disharmony and mutual distrust, CNG believes that the North should as well take similar steps to arrange for the protection of the region and its people from these daily attacks and destruction.

“Thus, failure of the authorities to provide proof of its capacity to protect citizens in all parts of the North as minimum evidence that they are serious about their responsibilities would leave the people with no option than to resort to forming an Arewa Security Initiative to secure their people’s lives with the proposed codename “Shege ka Fasa”, the statement read added.