Berets Downgrade Your Dressing! Laments Fan Of Beret Ambassador, Mercy Chinwo


Florence Uwaeme

It is not news that people try to impose either their thoughts pattern or sense of styles on other people. This has been happening even before the advent of social media around the world.

Social media has, however made it easier for anyone to air their views on topics and also render unsolicited advice to people they barely know.

One of such advice was given today by a fan of Mercy Chinwo, popular Port Harcourt gospel artiste, who is best known for her love for berets; as she can be hardly be seen without wearing one.

The fan lamented about how she looks old in those berets and how she mustn’t dress like her older gospel mentors.

In her words “I Love your outfits but please ditch the berets – it spoils the outfits. I understand it may be part of your ministerial ensemble, but as a young lady in a vibrant generation, you don’t have to dress like your older mentors… You are a young woman after all and berets downgrade your dresses and make you look old…”

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Replying her, Mercy Chinwo said “thank you so much. Your opinion still. I and my beret will continue in this might. So help me god.”

Other followers of the gospel artiste lent their voices on the matter. They came for the commenter and admonished her to mind her business and stop putting unnecessary pressure in people’s lives.

Few people, however, agreed with the commenter and agreed that they are truly tired of seeing her with berets all the time.

Should the beret ambassador of Nigeria quite her ambassadorial duties because her ensemble makes her look old? But wait! Do berets make people look older than their actual age? What do you think?