Over 300 persons cooked, bathed with water from well Ohaka’s corpse was found in while her body was there

About three hundred persons unknownly bathed and cooked with water drawn from the well where the corpse of the deceased moneylender, Miss Charity Ohaka was discovered.

Locals said the well where the corpse of Ohaka was discovered is natural and likened to a River by residents.

They said her body could not float on the surface of the well because it was tied with a stone.

They said people come from far and near to draw water from the well.

They argued that a lot of residents prefer drawing from the well as it is usually fresh and readily available at all times.

The Rivers Police Command reportedly arrested four persons in connection with the killing of the 34-year-old on Tuesday.

Ohaka, a local moneylender was killed and her corpse dumped into the nearby well.

It was gathered that her killers broke into her apartment through the ceiling, killed her, tied her hands and legs and dumped her remains inside the well.

Eyewitnesses said police arrested four persons over the incident, adding that her neighbours have since relocated from the compound after her community youths threatened more violence on the community if her killers are not brought to book.

Mrs Evelyn Ohaka, Charity’s mother said the family needs justice, adding that the deceased who is her first daughter was a peaceful person.

Recall that there was pandemonium on Sunday in the Rumuosi following the discovery of the corpse of the lady in a well filled with water.

Youths from Emohua Local Government Area had gone on a rampage, destroying properties worth millions of Naira in the community and firing gunshots in the air over her demise.

The Emohua youths accused Rumuosi community of killing the lady, prompting the flash rampage.

The youths later marched with the corpse chanting war songs, vandalising shops and people’s properties.

They subsequently headed towards the Choba axis of the East-West Road with the corpse to their community.

However, Police and OSPAC vigilantes stepped in to quell the actions of the youths and forestall further breakdown of law and order.

Rumuosi locals said the actions of Emohua youths stand condemned, adding that the girl must have been killed by criminals operating in the area.

They added that the community will seek redress over the destruction of their properties by the rampaging youths.

The Paramount Ruler of Rumuosi also directed that all wells in the community be closed.

He said that henceforth, Residents will depend on borehole water.

While commiserating with the family of the deceased, he said Rumuosi community will interface with Emohua on the matter.