Cleric urges FG to stop police from escorting politicians


The State Islamic Leader and Vice President General, Rivers State Council For Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Nasir Awhelebe Uhor has urged the police hierarchy to stop deploying its officers and men to escort politicians and highly placed individuals in the country.

The state Islamic leader who dropped the hint in a chat with our correspondent said only the country’s president, vice, senate president, reps speaker, chief justice, state governors and their deputies should have a police escort.

Alhaji Uhor said the huge number of police personnel escorting a few groups of privileged individuals is responsible for the manpower gap that soldiers are presently filling in the country.
He, therefore, advised those who do not fall within the category of the public office holders he had exonerated to look for other security outfits to escort them and leave the police and military alone to do their internal and external security jobs.
“For the greater good of our country, we can do without this gross abuse of our mainstream security agencies. It is time for the federal and state governments to muster enough guts to end this misuse of soldiers and policemen.
“In addition to guarding top politicians and highly placed individuals, you will find soldiers and policemen guarding companies and top company executives etc as we are also familiar that they escort fuel tankers as well as sundry goods trucks.

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“Not done yet, they also man checkpoints. This is where the soldiers come into close contact with the police and the public. Now, if you ask me the involvement of soldiers on checkpoint duties, I will say it is properly the worst thing that has befallen the army.
“It is so saddening to watch soldiers at checkpoints extorting N100 or N200 from hapless motorists. This extortion virus that has been contacted by some soldiers from the police will take some immunization to completely get rid of.
“With the obvious exception of the president, vice president, senate president and deputy, reps speaker and deputy, chief justice as well as governors and their deputies; the rest top government officials should look elsewhere for orderlies.
“If the recent order to the military especially the army and air force to quickly wrap up the North-east war is to be successfully executed, then there is every need to give immediate ear to Gen. Tukur Buratai’s call for his men to be relieved of police duties as a matter of urgency, “Alhaji Uhor said.