Rivers workers cast doubt over implementation of new minimum wage by Wike


Lorine Emenike

Civil Servants in Rivers State have expressed mixed feeling over their expectation on the signed Minimum Wage Consequential adjustments.

While some say it’s a welcome development, others say the amount agreed upon is not enough.

Speaking to journalists, Mr Edwin IBE, a civil servant said “I am shocked that Nigeria government is dragging to pay workers common #30,000. What is #30,000 that they can’t pay? But if its embezzlement they will steal our money and stash it abroad for their unborn children. The money is overdue. The Governor should just go ahead and pay without wasting extra time”

On his part, Innocent Briggs said “to sign the minimum wage is not the problem but for this our selfish Governors to pay, I hear some governors are already saying they cannot pay that amount on the consequential adjustment, I know that our governor Wike will not pay. The man only thinks of himself, nobody can advise him, he does things that only please him. Forget that thing he said during that MAYDAY that he would pay na wash! My sister na wash, he would soon come out with another biometrics to buy time and not pay the minimum wage. go and mark it in your calendar” He added’’

Also, Golden Amadi said “I am not expecting anything from our Government, you can see this secretariat abi? You can see that the whole place is deserted, there is no joy in coming to work, the lights are not working, the lifts are not working, the toilets are filthy, water is not running, we are in a whole lot of mess in this Secretariat. Is it the governor that can’t fix all these things I mentioned that will pay you minimum wage? Forget it, we have entered one chance with this governor”

Also, Peter Ulang. “I am happy that federal has signed the agreed consequential adjustment, but I tell you #30.000 is too small for the economy of today. I want to appeal to Federal, state, local and private institution to work hard to close the Gap on Poverty and turn our resources around by bringing down the prices of foodstuffs, if not even if they pay #50,000 it won’t be enough for anybody”

Meanwhile, The Trade Union Congress has described the just concluded minimum wage consequential adjustment negotiations as a win-win situation for labour and government.

State chairman of Trade Union Congress Austin Jonah told reporters that the outcome of the negotiations is not far from what labour leaders had proposed.

State chairman of Trade Union Congress Austin Jonah said the state Governor had on the 1st of May, promised to pay the minimum wage as soon an amount is agreed upon. And expressed confidence that the governor will not fail.

He said the major challenges facing the state civil servants is lack of promotion and urged the government to swing into action and promote workers just as he has lifted the ban on promotion.