Stoke City relegated after losing to Crystal Palace.

Stoke City’s 10-year stay in the Premier League is over. They are relegated.

But who will join Stoke in being relegated from the top-flight? There is still an awful lot to be sorted out this afternoon with West Brom, Swansea and Southampton all in action.

More from Stoke manager Paul Lambert: “We lacked a bit more quality at the top end of the pitch. If the lads had been playing the way the did for me all season they probably wouldn’t be in this position.

“I love it here it’s brilliant. It’s probably not too dissimilar to Glasgow where I’m from; a hard-working place and we have to bounce back up now.

“The club is too big not to and it’s got the right infrastructure in place to do it.”

It’s difficult to sum up my emotions because it’s not long after the game and your emotions are up and down but I can’t have asked for more effort.

“We lost out way in the second half but can’t ask for more commitment. They’ve gave us everything in the last 15 games. I wish I wasn’t here because that would mean they’d be in a far better and more stable position.

“But the story of the 15 games I’ve been here for has been exceptional effort and commitment. The club is in a good position to rebuild and either way they had to rebuild.

“The supporters have backed us to the hilt and I feel it for them. Even after the game they waited to cheer us on.”