2019: We’ll Floor PDP, APC With People’s Power  -SPN Rivers Chairman

Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

The quest for political relevance and electoral victory appear to be getting more interesting with new political parties emerging and daring to give the old, more established and richer parties a run for their money.

In Rivers State, the race towards 2019 is also getting hotter as the various political parties, including the old and newly registered ones, are fine-tuning their strategies to make effective impact in next year’s general elections.

For the leadership of the Rivers State chapter of the Socialist Party Of Nigeria (SPN), a newly registered political party, the bigger political parties are not going to have a field day in the current political dispensation like before as time has come for a change.

As long as the SPN Rivers State chapter is concerned, political and economic power must return from the cabals to the masses.

In a brief chat with TPCN on May 1, 2018, in Port Harcourt, chairman of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Rivers State chapter, Mr Joseph Kukang, said the party would depend on the masses to wrestle power from the bigger parties.

Speaking through the Rivers State secretary of the party, Mr Arochukwu Paul Ogbonna, the party chairman boasted that people are more powerful than money, adding that all the party needs to do to win any election is to mobilize the masses for whom he said the party was formed.

He said: “The SPN will provide a platform for the poor people and the masses to come together to canvass for power and use that power to better their lot.

“Other parties have exploited the people over the years but this has to stop and that is why SPN was formed to mobilize the masses to take their destinies in their hands. This party is for the workers, the youths and the entire masses.”

On how SPN hopes to raise funds to finance its activities, the state party boss said it is through cooperative societies, adding that the new party is planning to mobilize the people to form cooperative societies.

“Through these cooperatives, we will invest their resources into businesses which will yield income. From there they can fund themselves,” he explained.