Dead Body Dumped In Mile 3 Park, PH

Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

The remains of a dead man were found in front of Mile 3 Park, Port Harcourt, on Saturday, 13th March 2021.

The dead body was lying with the face upwards, and head close to the wall, near where they dump refuse.

It was not clear if the dead man was a mad man or a hoodlum.

By the time TPCN arrived at the venue at about 6:51 p.m. yesterday, the head of the corpse had been covered with a scarf-like cloth.

Some of the traders who sell on the pedestrian way there vacated the place while pedestrians avoided passing through that side.

Some of those approached by TPCN for questions concerning the corpse declined comments.

They seemed to be afraid of talking about a strange corpse.

However, one of the louts at the park managed to talk to TPCN in Pidgin English.

He responded to the question of who the man is thus: ‘Me, I no know o. I just saw the body like that. Maybe na all this mad man wey dey waka about. May be hunger don kill am. Na people carry that cloth cover the head.”

He appealed to the Rivers State Government to come and remove the corpse without delay.

“I don’t know why government people no remove the body there since morning. Na when the thing begin smell them go come remove am?”

TPCN learnt that a similar corpse was found along Aba Road, near the wall of the Catholic Church, Kaduna Street, Port Harcourt, opposite the flyover, a few months ago.

One, a lady, was also found near Garrison Junction, Aba Road, last year.