Former police officer charged with murder of George Floyd is of Nigerian origin


Alex Kueng, an African-American former police officer charged with aiding the murder of George Floyd has a Nigerian father and a White Mother, report says.

The New York Times in report Saturday revealed that Alex is an African – American who grew up among other black children in Minneapolis.

George Floyd was murdered by Police officers in Minneapolis in May 2020 resulting in several protests most especially in black communities in the USA.

The report stated that Keung was the officer who held Floyd’s back to the ground while another officer had his knee on his neck.

Keung reportedly joined the police force to fix the issue of police brutality on black people because he had seen one of his siblings ‘poorly treated’ by a police sheriff.

Although his decision to join the force severed his ties with some family and friends who were not pleased with his decision, Keung had hoped that by joining the force he would be able to protect his loved ones from Police abuse.

However, his alleged complicity in Floyd’s murder came in contradiction to his pledge to fix Police abuse on black people.

Taylor and Radiance Keung, both siblings of Alex who joined protests against black abuse by police officers in a Facebook video called for the arrest of their brother and the other three police officers involved in the murder.

Joni Kueng, Alex’s mother never imagined that a member of her family could be involved in a racially motivated crime as Floyd’s.

She described the incident as a ‘gut punch’, because of the racial diversity in her family.

“It’s a gut punch, here you are, you’ve raised this child, you know who he is inside and out. We’re such a racially diverse family. To be wrapped up in a racially motivated incident like this is just unfathomable, ” Alex’s mother said.