COVID-19: religious organizations in Oyigbo defy Wike’s directives, hold mid-week services


Florence Uwaeme

Despite the directives by the Rivers state government on measures to be taken by the residents to ensure safety against Coronavirus, some residents of Afam in Oyigbo local government area were on Wednesday seen defiling the directives with reckless abandon.

Asides schools that have closed down in and around Oyigbo, religious organizations have decided not to adhere to the directives of the state government on social distancing.

Today being the mid-week service for different religious organizations, churches in the area were holding their services without any sanitizers used neither are they standing apart from each other.

Some residents of Oyigbo have equally refused to believe that the virus is real and that it kills both the rich and the poor, the religious and the none religious folks.

One particular man while he was being interviewed by our correspondent said “this Corona Virus is for big men, it is not the potion of the children of God. It will not get to us.”

When asked what he thinks about the measures taken by the state government to protect residents of the state, he said “governor Wike is trying oo but sending people to chase us away from oil mill market is the worst idea ever. He should have allowed us sell our wares today.”

Traders in Eke Oyigbo – the biggest market in that area are afraid that hunger will kill them and their children if they are restricted from going to the market daily.

Our correspondent visited a supermarket in Afam and was impressed by the measures taken by the supermarket, as there was a bottle of hand sanitizer at the entrance. Meanwhile, the prices of general goods are being hiked.