Rotary Club urges Nigerians to embrace peace


Lorine Emenike

As part of the activities to commemorate the Rotary International night for Peace and Conflict Resolution, the Gateway Rotary branch has called on the public to embrace peace.

Speaking at the event, Mr Akupue Arinze, the immediate past president of the Gateway Rotary branch said the event is held annually to promote peace amongst citizens.

“Before religion we were humans, to ensure continuous growth and peaceful society, we must learn to coexist, tolerate ourselves and render services above self”

“I want to encourage Rotarians to continue in their good works and never lose focus on the six core values of the Rotary Club which are: maternal and child health, sanitation, education, community development, peace and conflict resolution, Coexist together and serve humanity”

Arinze also urged well-meaning individuals who want to help and uplift the standard of living of others not to relent in joining as members of the Rotary Club.

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On his part, the newly elected president of Gateway Rotary Branch, Rotarian Sunny Barikaa, in an interview with newsmen promised to use his new office to render a better service to humanity.

“Rotary Club is a service organization, what we do is to impact our communities. I am bringing the flagship of the club back to life, that is the free community health engagement programs, I also want to do the dust to desk project, which is taking children from the floor to desk in our schools.

“I also want to engage in environmental sanitation especially cleaning of the market, also economic empowerment, especially the market women.

“By Gods grace, my led administration will impact more on communities. I will support immunization, especially polio immunization which is what Rotary International is actually doing, because, by Gods grace, Nigeria is almost Polio free.

“We want to encourage the society that Rotary is there for all! If you know you are a person”