OSPAC set to deal with crime sponsoring politicians

community killings in Rivers state
Photo credit: Emmanuel Onwuka

By Brave Dickson

The dreaded ONELGA Security, Planning and Advisory Committee (OSPAC) has reiterated its stance to decisively deal with politicians who are sponsoring crime and criminality within the OSPAC community.

Revealing this to our correspondent, the Secretary-General of OSPAC, Eze Gift Ohia said the heinous romance politicians are having with cultists had again developed imminent security risks in ONELGA

He said: “The imminent security risks in ONELGA now are the politically motivated ones.

“Because a lot of ONELGA youths are unemployed, most of these politicians have been influencing them with money to fight for their wishes.

“And because most of our youths have aligned themselves with cult groups, the violent conflicts have been extremely high.

“These politicians will promise them government cover and for that reasons, the youths will want to fight, kill themselves for the heinous interest of politicians.

“So, we will need to re-orientate our youths to enable them to reject the offers of politicians.

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“We are advising politicians to always present their manifestoes. The masses will vote for them when they see them as those who can deliver.

“What we see today is ballot box snatching. At the end of the day, they will still go to the collation centres to influence election results.

“We are equally warning politicians who don’t have the charisma of leadership to relax and allow those who have it to come up so that the dividends of democracy can get to our people.

“Any politician we will catch within the OSPAC community giving out money or mobilising these cult groups or persons to cause violence in our area, we will make sure we decisively deal with such politicians within the provisions of the law.

“OSPAC is a peacekeeping force in ONELGA that brought the peace we are having now and without us, I don’t think this peace will be sustained.”