Eze Igbu Upata stool renamed Nye Udu Igbu Upata

The members of the Upata Traditional Rulers Council, in Ahoada East Local Government Area of Rivers State, on Saturday took far-reaching decisions in conformity with the people’s quest to remain steadfast with the ever-changing society.

In line with planned focus and vision, the meeting which was held in camaraderie atmosphere renamed the stool of Eze Igbu Upata to Nye Udu Igbu Upata.

It was a unanimous choice which is in consonance with Ekpeye language, culture and tradition. The idea is to indigenize and reflect her valued Ekpeye heritage.

The change in nomenclature is top to a bottom decision where Eze Nwe Ula transforms to Nye Udu Ula; the sub-clan heads (District Heads) remain Nye Udu Ede Upata, Nye Udu Akpana Upata, Nye Udu Owu Upata and Nye Udu Ugboko Upata respectively.

High points of the meeting include the adoption of the Upata Burial Bye-law, renaming of the apex socio-cultural organisation of the Upata people from Upata National Assembly to Uzugbani Upata and, its Executive members shall serve four years and renewable for another term. The peoples’ Constitution was also presented and adopted.

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It was however important that the meeting considered the one year mourning period upon the death of Nye Udu Igbu Upata.

In future, a new Nye Udu Igbu Upata is expected to emerge and coronated six months after his death to avoid vacuum and unnecessary distraction to the functions of the throne.

The meeting which was attended by members of the Upata Traditional Council, leadership of Uzugbani Upata, members of the Upata Advisory Council, Women leaders and strategic partners including Bishop Clement Nathan Ekpeye, Professor Victor Akujuru, Sir Nnamdi Okpu, Sir Samuel Egbe, Dr. Nkasiobi Oguzor, Elder Chukuneke Esukpa among others, showered encomiums on HRM, Nye Udu Upata III, Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo, Ph.D for promoting unity among the people.

The meeting was very exhaustive in deliberation and the Upata monarch was urged to continue to be a shining example to all monarchs so that the Upata people and Ekpeye at large would continue to live in peace with people of other races.

The Nye Udu Igbu Upata noted that the coming together of the Upata leaders was to further cement the togetherness amongst people, build bridges amongst themselves and foster unity across the board.

The underlying factor in the monarch’s address was the need for a well-founded synergy between the people and the traditional institution for effective governance. He stressed further that to rise above ethnicity; religion and sentiments, the traditional leadership was the only institution that Nigerians can look up to for a solution to the deteriorating security situation in the country.

The Nye Udu Igbu Upata and Regent of Ekpeye had earlier expressed gratitude to the people for their support, noted that the meeting would not have been held at a better time than now as they all were aware of the very serious need to refocus for development.