Hate Speech, Anti-Social Media Bills: Nigerians call for mass protests

social media,hate speech bills

Florence Uwaeme

The proposed hate speech and anti-Social media bills which are plagiarized, by the way, have gotten different kinds of reaction from Nigerian social media users.

The bill which is said to have passed second reading at the senate is seen by Nigerians as one of the plans of the immediate government to halt criticism, prevent citizens from exercising one of their fundamental human right which will, in turn, encourage their third term.

Although the president has assured citizens that he has no intention of going for a third term, he is still not believed because he said he wouldn’t be going for a second tenure but went for it anyway.

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So many people have, however, condemned the bill because on different social media platforms.

On Twitter, for example, a popular tweep, Henry Shield has called on different users of twitter to wake up from their slumber and say no to this outrageous bill.

In his tweet, he wrote “The hate speech and anti-social media bills are the first stages of the third term plan.

After the bills are passed, they’ll throw in the third term missile. If you complain, they’ll use the newly enacted laws to jail you. Nigerians wake up”

Here are some of the replies from his tweet.

BaronKings wrote “Dear senators, there is no reason you cannot reject the anti-social media bill in public the way you reject it on social media. Identify with Nigerians now. You are citizens before politicians.”

Udoh wrote “This guy is saying the truth. All that Buhari said he won’t tolerate when he becomes president is what he is in bed with today. Medical tourism, the office of the first lady, presidential fleet etc. If they tell you to wait, better run.”

Wisdom Isaac said “this is exactly what I discussed with my friends today. Nigerians have to wake up and take back this country otherwise; an impending war with the government is coming soon. These men have shared their acts and are carefully crafting how to subdue all to slavery again.”

Green Eshiet Daniel “Even if they don’t have any third term plan, we must all rise up against this bill. These people want to shut us up and put us chains on our necks. Nigeria doesn’t belong to them neither have they contributed anything good for Nigeria. We must take our country back.”

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Mr Persin “…if you say it doesn’t concern you or you’re too busy to protest, always remember that one day it will concern you and there won’t be people like Henry Shield and co to defend you because their voices have been muffled.”

Enell “Do we have any labour union in this country at all? Or is it only when there is a hike in pump price that they will come out to show solidarity with the people? Abi which kind country be this?”

Polymorphism “We feed them and their families. We clothe them and their families. We pay all their bills. We buy cars for them and their families. All they do is waste our resources and propose anti-people’s bill. It is time to rise up and occupy Nigeria.”

Donotx “…I wish the right-thinking Nigerians will wake up and fight these monsters through peaceful protest…”

Mr Bassey “Not just third term. RUGA too.”