Lawmaker representing Tacha speaks on her disqualification, sends message of love to her


…”Whether she smells or not, she is still from Rivers State”

Florence Uwaeme

The lawmaker representing Tacha in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Enemi Alabo George, has reacted to her disqualification from the ongoing reality TV show, Big Brother Naija.

Tacha, from Rivers State, who is also known as Port Harcourt first daughter, was disqualified on Friday over verbal brickbats with fellow housemate, Mercy.

Many of her fans called the disqualification unfair as she received both applause and condemnation.

But the lawmaker who represents Asari-Toru constituency in the Rivers State House of Assembly in a Facebook Post said “Little helpless girl. She came from nowhere, she pushed herself with no help from nowhere, she had no big family name, they say she had no pedigree.

” I think she made her mark, she told her story her own way, she made the news. The one with the trophy is not always the biggest winner. I don’t watch Big Brother and I don’t even care about it, but I took note of this particular girl everyone spoke positive and negative things about.

“Biggest of all is that she is from Rivers State. Whether she smells or not, whether she is fluent in English or not, Whether she has finesse or not, one thing is certain… she is from Rivers State and I don’t abandon my own.

” She may be the worst person in the world, but leave her for me, she is my sister. Come back home my dear #Tacha we love you the way you are. No one is ever perfect. You did not pretend to be who you’re not. #Tacha.”