Pandemonium at the Rivers State House of Assembly as Member allegedly beat up nominees.

John Diidi

Today, there was heavy tension at the Assembly complex, Rivers State, as the new CTC nominees from some select L.G.A were to be the screened by the State Assembly, after their nomination by their L.G.A stakeholders.

The member representing the people of Ogu/Bolo at the state assembly was allegedly said to be angry at some of the nominees, who he said were not his choice.

Reports said that the nominees took the spaces of those he had penned down for the appointment, thereby physically assaulting them.

The CTC members from Ogu/Bolo that were physically assaulted by the Assembly member include Tonye Davids, Edward Olungu and Ibierembo Ibekwe.

An eyewitness at the scene, told our TPCN correspondent that the assembly member ordered his boy to beat up Tonye Davids in his office for appearing at the complex for his screening as he was not his choice for the Social media nominee from the Local Government as ordered by the Governor. The Member was over heard shouting “You go take position wey we keep for anchor head!”

Ibierembo Ibekwe, a married woman with children and a Nominee for CTC, had a glass cup filled with alcohol thrown at her by the member himself. She was seen weeping profusely at the Assembly Complex after being assaulted by the boys loyal to the member. She was also overheard asking amidst tears of why a glass cup and plastic chair would be thrown at her for no just cause.

Mr Edward Olungu’s case was the most embarrassing. He had arrived at the heat of the scene between Mrs. Ibierembo and the Honourable Member when there was a fight involving one of his boys and another person. He merely parked his Car to greet the assembly member and was greeted by a punch to his eyes with Slaps, reports said.

The Eyewitness further narrated that, the member had previously sent threatening messages to the nominees not to appear at the venue of the screening or be dealt with.

As at the time of this report, TPCN tried to get in touch with the Assembly member but got no response. It is also not known if the nominees were screened as they were chased out of the Assembly by boys loyal to the member.