Nigerian comedian, AY, dragged on Twitter for showing solidarity with colleague

Florence Uwaeme

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun has come under condemnation by Twitter users over his faux solidarity with Funke Akindele who was arraigned and convicted on Monday, along with her husband for breaching the Lagos state lockdown law.

Some angry Twitter users have literally come for AY’s head for trying to down-play the offence of his colleague while trying the call out the Nigerians to use same energy they used in calling Funke out to call out bad government officials.

He tweeted, “Yes, nobody is above the law. But I wish those of you who called out Funke Akindele can do same with your countless oppressors in government… even when the sky is filled with clouds, the sun still shines above. FUNKE will rise again. #lessonlearnt

“The countless oppressors in govt are the ones who buy “table for 1million” at your shows & YOU NEVER ONCE called them out. All you do is some dry jokes in sutana, spit into microphones & kiss their asses.
Bloody hypocrite ni e, Ayo Makun. Twat.

“Coming from someone who has never used his platform to champion any advocacy or voice out against bad governance. Go and sit down oga!

” Not all the celebrities are sensible, olohun
Your friend did the wrong thing, still got the balls to post it on SM and you’re here to say what is not.
Had it been na one normal street guy do this shit, they use him to preach but they don’t want to be used to preach.

“He profits from the bad governance na. Most of the bad eggs in government are his patrons nah. Na them they buy tables for his shows nah.

“Someone called him out on this on his IG page and he went on about how he isn’t a politician and he doesn’t dabble into matters of politics, saying he is just a comedian

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day; he could have kept silent. Sane Nigerians are sad about the state of this country while locked indoors by Coronavirus. Yet they are gallivanting around showing their stupendous ignominy making mockery of the govt and health workers.

“Why we are on this subject, please can we have any tweet or comment or even a video where AY called out any of our countless oppressors in government. At least he is a Nigerian and he has the platform to use for speaking the truth to power
We can start the calling out from here

“AY, if I had the audience you have, I’d do my best to drag the government to do better. Sadly we don’t even see you championing any campaign against bad governance. You are rich and privileged now but you are not in anyway fit to criticize anyone here.

“Don’t mind him and others like him. But soon it’ll get to them one by one, let them continue to keep quiet and pretend that what’s happening in our country doesn’t concern them. Yeyebrities