Mad Man Causes Traffic In Port Harcourt With Open Meditation

Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

What could be described as an end-time sign took place at the weekend at Mile 3 Bus Stop, Diobu, Port Harcourt, as a mad man went on a prayer/meditation exercise at the middle of the road.

The mad man, who is popular around Mile 3, stood in-between the two-lane road opposite the Mile 3 bus stop, close to UST roundabout, with his two palms clasped in praying form, close to his mouth, his eyes closed.

TPCN, which got to the scene in time to witness the rare melodrama, confirms that the mad man was in that praying/meditating posture for more than one hour.

He was wearing a blue-coloured native attire and bare-footed, his loads, mostly cooking utensils and other household items, on the ground behind him.

Motorists could not help but notice him because of his strategic position, being in-between the two-lane road.

Vehicles slowed down a bit when they got to the spot as every driver wanted to catch a glimpse of the praying/meditating mad man, who appeared to be in his early fifties.

TPCN noticed that even when rain started drizzling, he did not move or shake, making some people wonder if he had embarked on an astral travel.

One striking thing noticed about the mad man was that he was very neat. A few persons approached by TPCN to comment on the mad man’s action described it as a good omen for Rivers State while some saw it as a message for Nigerian leaders.

“This thing can’t be ordinary. It’s a big sign that things are not going the right way in this state and in the whole country. That’s why the spirit of God is using him to pray for the country. In fact, it’s good for us. Maybe God will hear his prayer and have been mercy on Nigeria,” one of the people said.

Another person, lady who sells clothes in front of Mile 3 market, said the man’s action and his looks showed he was on a mission.

She said: “I have not seen a mad man praying before. This man must be a different mad man. He stays at UST roundabout most times. He cooks there and he has a Ghana-must-go bag where he puts his cooking materials, plates and pots. Maybe the madness is still be new. He has been standing here praying silently. His mouth is moving o, but you can’t hear what he’s saying. Who knows if God is using him to tell pastors that they have failed him in the area of praying for his people as some of them now collect money before they can pray for you?”