How To Make Bole At Home Without Charcoal

Florence Uwaeme

Bole is one of the most popular street foods enjoyed by all and sundry in the Garden City of Port Harcourt.
If you are such that is prone to trying new things, in the kitchen especially, this is for you.

You need not bother any more about getting your plantain or yam roasted without having to use charcoal, all you need to do is follow the following steps and you will have made yourself bole with same taste with the ones on the street.

Now, you will need a foil, a knife, a frying pan, gas cooker or cooking stove, yam or plantain (Semi-ripe or unripe), fresh tomato, fresh pepper, tatashe, onion, palm oil salt, and any seasoning of your choice.

Step 1

Wash and peel your plantain. Give the peeled plantain a little cut on all sides. This is to allow penetration of heat in order for the plantain to be evenly cooked.

Step 2

Wrap the peeled plantain with the foil. Make sure that all parts of the plantain are properly wrapped.

Step 3
Place the properly wrapped plantain on a frying pan, put on your gas cooker or stove. Place the frying pan on your gas cooker or in the oven (that is if you are not using a table gas), or on your stove. The frying pan is not to be covered. Low heat is required in this waterless cooking style. Make sure to turn the plantain from time to time.

Step 4

After 30 minutes, your homemade bole is ready to be served.

For the sauce, different people have different ways of making the delectable bole sauce. The process is not different from making your regular stew for white rice, except that this time, your groundnut oil will be replaced with palm oil and you will not be using stock at all.