Omechiri Odum Onu Celebrated in Port-Harcourt


One of the popular churches in Port-Harcourt, The Rest place CGMi, celebrated their Eastern Nigerian Sunday yesterday. They called it African Praise Igbo Sunday.

TPCN was there live to celebrate Jesus with them, they called God so many names and also celebrated Him in all the Igbo dialects, the one name they kept calling God that TPCN heard all through their three services is “Omechiri Odum Onu” which some of the members of the Church told TPCN  that it’s one of the many titles ascribed to God in the Igbo language. The title describes God as the ‘One that Shut the Mouth of the Lions,’ Daniel chapter 6 (Holy Bible) 


One wrong corporate dress style that seems to be trending this days in Port Harcourt with the guys is wearing a short sleeve shirt and a tie.

I’m not saying a short sleeve shirt is a wrong corporate dress style, but if you want to wear a short sleeve shirt, please! don’t put on a tie.


Yeah, yeah! You know I can not attend an occasion without noticing and giving out fashion gist.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Was what we kept screaming all through, from the food tasting to the praise section.

I was told that the Church celebrates God in different Nigerian tribes, Third Sundays of every month, according to some members of the church, they celebrated the Southwestern Edition (African Praise Yoruba Sunday) in February.

Just for my love for food, let me show you the variety of foods displayed in the three Services held by the Church. The foods were mouth watering, sapid, colorful, and moreish, hmm! The foods! I tasted all of it leaving none out. I could go on and on, talking about the foods but let’s see their attires, they all appeared sumptuously, looking so glam and scintillating.


OMG! The foods where all delicious and tasty, ranging from Okpa, Ukwa, Abacha, Aghara to Okwa and many more, the amazing thing about these foods is, one finds it difficult to choose from one food to the other, but at the end of it all, TPCN enjoyed all the foods and had much refreshing time in the service. The service was lit.






Ghen!Ghen! Fashion time, fashion time

WOW! we saw men in different Igbo attires, their etibo and different kinds of red caps

the women fashionably dressed in Igbo attires too

We found out that almost all the Igbo tribes have different attires with little similarities for example married women always tie two wrappers which they wear according to the occasion and the tribe. The men also wear various caps according to their status and clan.


We also found out that the Igbo’s tie different kind of wrapper materials that also differ with the type of occasion, title and tribe.

It was full of fun all the way with the different  dances, play and praises which they used in celebrating Jesus Christ in the Igbo way.

We can’t wait to see what other Nigerian tribe they are going to celebrate Jesus Christ in next, but we are really looking forward to enjoying the meals they will come out with.