Our God Looks like Our Colonial Masters while Devil Looks like Us – Daddy Freeze

Controversial OAP, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, reacted to an Instagram post by a lady who shared a pictorial depiction of Jesus Christ as she celebrated Easter.

Daddy Freeze and Oyedepo: How pipo dey react to Daddy Freeze apology to  Bishop Oyedepo - BBC News Pidgin



According to the 44-year-old, there is a resemblance between her idea of Christ and the colonial masters.

In his words: “He is indeed your lord, and of course, your colonial master is still alive after many years of neocolonialism and imperialism.”

He made a snide remark about how God looked like the colonial masters while the devil looked like Africans.

He further added: “No wonder our enemies are from our own villages while our saviours are from abroad.”

His post attracted a lot of comment and backlash from people, some of whom pointed out that the OAP had no morals to speak on such an issue as he should be in jail for the adultery he was accused of.

Freeze responded and wrote: “When they can’t counter my thesis with scriptures or logic, they begin insults and name-calling… Many of these mooncalves don’t even know their real parents o; they are here talking about adultery”.