Reactions as Maryam Sanda Is Sentenced To Death By Hanging


Florence Uwaeme

Yesterday at the Abuja High Court in Maitama, Justice Yusuf Halilu sentenced Maryam Sanda to death by hanging. Maryam Sanda, whom allegedly killed her husband Bilyamin Bello on November 19th 2017 with a broken class over suspicion that the husband is trying to marry another wife.

Reports had it that as the judgement was pronounced at the High Court sitting in Abuja, Maryam was seen running away from the dock amid tears.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter users concerning the judgement.

“Learn to walk out of an abusive marriage or relationship. Do not wait to kill your partner or get killed by your partner. The case of #MaryamSanda that was sentenced to death by hanging for killing her husband should serve as a lesson to all. Marriage is not a do or die affair.”

“My take from Maryam Sanda’s case is that if justice can be so swiftly gotten why do we wait for years on so many cases? Imagine what Nigeria will be like when people know they can go to court and get justice irrespective of who the person involved is. That no one is above the law.”

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“You see the verdict given by the court on Maryam Sanda’s case? That’s exactly what every police officer that has unlawfully killed anyone deserves! I pray we don’t settle for less…The law is clear and should be followed! Accidental discharge is BS!”

“Might have just been 5 minutes of rage that made Maryam Sanda kill her husband. Today, she’s been sentenced to death by hanging until she dies.
If your marriage is toxic, don’t kill your partner. Leave. Don’t kill them unless you’re protecting yourself. LEAVE.”

“Maryam Sanda’s anger did not only end her husband’s life & get her death by hanging it also will make her innocent child grow up with no parents. Actions out of Anger are not worth it in the end.”

“Even though one knows the gravity of Maryam Sanda’s crime, her story is still heartbreaking.”

“To every lady out there with anger issues, it will definitely be difficult for you to change, except for Divine intervention We all have to learn from Maryam Sanda’s story. Think twice before saying yes to any man (A MAN WHO CAN TOLERATE and DO LESS OF WHAT YOU HATE)…”

“I really felt terribly bad for Maryam Sanda. From her screaming after the court judgements, I’m most certain she’s deeply pained. Getting a death sentence for an action you took out of anger, costing the life of your husband. If your marriage isn’t working, please walk away.”

“If Maryam Sanda was the one killed by her husband, there wouldn’t be a death sentence. Of 121 recorded cases from 2014-18 where women were allegedly killed by their husbands, how many men sentenced to death? NONE! ZERO! Our legal Sys is very misogynistic & entrenched in patriarchy.”