CAN kicks over claims that Ogboni Fraternity is pro Christianity

By Brave Dickson

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rivers State Chapter, has disagreed with claims by the Leader of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity, Chief Francis Meshioye, that the Fraternity was established in 1914 to promote Christian values.

The Chairman of CAN in the state, Apostle Dr Stanley Dimkpa who urged Christians not to see Ogboni Fraternity as pro-Christianity, maintained that the Fraternity is a secret society.

In a chat with our correspondent, the state CAN chairman said: “My knowledge about Ogboni Fraternity is that it is a secret cult.

“If you look at the 10 commandments in the Bible, the number one instruction God gave to us is that we should not have any other god before or besides Him.

“I do believe that Ogboni Fraternity probably has a god (deity), they make as their authority and anyone who associates with Ogboni and their likes has no business with Christianity.

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“The book of Romans chapter 12 verse 9, says we should abhor evil and cleave to what is right.

“My dear brothers and sisters, for anything that is called secret or done in secret has some evil relationship.

“And whatever that is righteous can not be done in a closed-door and should not be called a Fraternity or secret cult.

“Christianity is not a secret cult but a way of life that has to do with those who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is very transparent and it deals directly with those who accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

“So, I don’t understand how the Ogboni Fraternity has to do with improving Christian belief as they said.

“Jesus said He is the Way and anyone that wants to come to God must come through Him.

“I will encourage everyone out there including Christians to only believe in our Lord Jesus Christ because that is the only way to heaven.”