Prostitutes decry low patronage in Port Harcourt

Kas Worgu

Sex workers in Port Harcourt have described the month of January as ‘bad market’ over low patronage which they attributed to the religious activities going on in the state.

Recall that several churches and other religious organizations are observing fasting and prayers for the entire month of January. Some even go as far as observing a 21 days 6:00am to 6:00pm daily fasting and prayer without food nor drink. This spiritual activities are mostly accompanied by the avoidance of most gratifications which includes sexual intercourse.

It was gathered that prostitutes around a popular brotel in Choba known as London Base are seen begging passersby for sex.

Our correspondent who sought to know the reason for such attitude gathered that it was due to the lots of fasting and prayers been organized by religious bodies.

Speaking to our correspondent, one of the ladies who introduced herself as Best described as unfortunate the low patronage of ‘customers’.

Speaking further, she said it is mostly connected to the fact that many churches are undergoing spiritual activities and knowing that Nigeria is highly religious, many members engage in the activities.

Furthermore, it was also gathered that the popular Casablanca junction in GRA Port Harcourt was scanty as at 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday contrary to how its usual busy nature with lots of call girls.


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