RCCG, The Comforter’s House, Marks 5th Anniversary With ‘Help From Above’

As the day got hotter and the sun scotched so painfully, the alarming sounds of celebration from The Comforter’s House Parish, Redeemed Christian Church of God at No. 2 Halliday Close, off Stadium Road, behind Riz Plaza Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, went loudest as the church celebrates her 5th Anniversary themed “HELP FROM ABOVE” on Sunday, the 22nd day of April 2018.

The Comforter’s House Parish Pastor; Bro.Dandy Nwankwo who is heavily assisted by Bro. Reuben Ayotunji told TPCN that they were transferred to the Parish on the 1st day of September 2017 and from October 2015, they have been holding benevolence service every last Sunday of the month, where everyone that attends the service goes home with food items ranging from rice, tin tomatoes, beans, yam, plantain, garri, noodles and eggs etc.

The fantastic event was anchored by the Zonal Pastor (Pastor Oyedele), and featured lots of activities which fine-tuned the joy in the hearts of its members and guests, and the rhythms of the melody from the choir soothed the souls like the waters form the spring and like a fine wine quenching the thirst of burning throat.

The event started with an opening prayer and transcended into a soul-lifting worship and praises to God. The atmosphere was charged as it grew to its climax where a market was set up for free shopping. Hmm!

This was obviously the feat tick, as members and guests shopped freely without paying a dime because Jesus has paid for it all. There were lots of beautiful clothing, shoes, bags, food items to wit; noodles, tomatoes in cans, beverages, and other washing materials like soaps, detergents etc.

It was a chock-full and fizzy market like that of the souk under bridges with adroit sellers making buying interesting, ouch! You did miss a lot if you were not there at the event; everyone in attendance went away with so much as well as children. Oh! how the children were so in high spirits feeling the day should never come to an end.

The celebration was packed with readings from the Bible, drama presentations, special Thanksgiving, special renditions and presentations from the choir. The choir sang in celebration and thanksgiving to God with so much fervour and delight.

Wow! The word of God came with valour and clout from the Zonal Pastor, Pst. Oyedele, who was invited to anchor the occasion rightly divided the word of truth and pierced it straight into the heart of all in attendance.

The event did not close without food. There were so much lip-smacking and luscious meals, which include jollof rice, roasted plantain, palm oil stew and roasted fish etc. Everyone had so much to eat and drink and also went home with things purchased by Jesus from the market for all.

This was a way of symbolising the salvation and life Jesus Christ bought for everyone and now He calls on all to come and receive freely from this spring which is eternally sinuous.