Unusual sculptures from around the world (Photos)

Statues and traditional monuments are found in almost every city or town of the world, amongst them are some bizarre sculptures that do not quite fit into any box.

Here are a few monuments picked; some are interesting, others surprising and downright strange.

  1. A woman’s bag, Italy.

12 of the most unusual sculptures from around the world

This statue was first presented in Italy at an exhibition titled ’Thoughts. Space. A dialogue between nature and imagination.’ It is somewhat amusing yet odd.

  1. The Travellers. Marseilles, France.

Les Voyageurs, by French artist Bruno Catalano, in Marseilles, France is a  sculpture meant to evoke memories and parts … | Public sculpture, Surreal  art, Public art

Bruno Catalano created about 10 life-sized bronzed statutes of ‘The Travellers’, and they were commissioned during the European Capital of Culture in 2013. They have been not only placed around the streets of Marseilles but have also made appearances at numerous modern art exhibitions.

  1. Headington Shark. Oxford, Britain.

12 of the most unusual sculptures from around the world

The fibreglass headless fish sculpture was erected on the roof of an Oxford house on the 41st anniversary of Nagasaki’s nuclear attack at the end of World War II. The sculpture depicts a beautiful if potentially deadly lethal weapon falling from the sky.

  1. Memorial to Nelson Mandela. South Africa.

Nelson Mandela Sculpture | Marco Cianfanelli - Arch2O.com

Nelson Mandela’s profile is formed from 50 steel columns, representing the 50 years since his arrest and political persecution. His likeness can be seen only if you stand at a certain angle to the columns; otherwise, they seem to be just a clump of poles.

  1. Mustangs of Las Colinas. Texas, USA.

12 of the most unusual sculptures from around the world

This is a bronze sculpture by Kenyan sculptor Robert Glen, and it depicts 9 wild horses. It is one of the largest groups of sculptured horses in the world. These bronze statues are 1 and a half times bigger than real horses, although, in photographs, it often seems that they are smaller. They have special fountains built into their feet which shoot out water in such a way as to create the impression that they’re galloping through a river.