Nigerians continue protest in London, ask Buhari to go home

Some Nigerians, including the former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri have staged a protest in London.

The rally, tagged #HarassBuhariOutofLondon pioneered by Reno Omokri, took place yesterday, at the Abuja House, 2 Campden Hill, Kensington, London W8 7AD.

According to Omokri, “The rally was held in strict compliance with COVID19 protocols with protesters massing in groups of six.”

Nigerians at the protest ground who were heard chanting “Go back home Buhari” demanded the immediate return of president to Nigeria, asking him to go and fix Nigerian hospitals.

Speaking at the event, Omokri vocalized their grievances, saying that the president left his country on the day resident doctors began a strike and came to the UK to take care of his own health.

He said the president has been in office for 5 years, and is yet to initiate, start or complete one hospital.

He further disclosed that, president Buhari has budgeted billions of Naira for the Aso Rock State House Clinic in the five years he has been in office, yet, his wife said that the clinic cannot even provide ordinary paracetamol.

He added that:

“when Buhari’s son, Yusuf, was injured in an accident, we prayed for him to get well. I prayed for him. How did this man reward us? He accused FG of alleged killing of peaceful, unarmed #EndSARS protesters. These are the children of the men and women who prayed for his son

Omokri said “peaceful, unarmed #EndSARS protesters asking for good governance were allegedly killed, and now he is in London to secure his life and enjoy the benefits of British good governance?”

He disclosed the rally was staged to “send Buhari back home to fix the mess he has created”.