#EndSARS: 8 basic things you need for a protest

Florence Uwaeme

If you’re planning on joining any of the #ENDSARS protest going on in different parts of the country, here are some of the basic things you’ll be needing in other to stay relatively safe.

It is advised you wear clothes that are well covered. Long-sleeved tops, jeans and a sneak.

1. Face mask

We are still faced with the Coronavirus pandemic remember, so it is good to wear a face mask. Face shield would be of great help in keeping you safe from droplets of other protesters being deposited directly into either your mouth, nose or eyes.

2. Power bank

You’ll be needing a fully charged phone and a power bank. Should your phone go off, your power bank should keep your phone charged for easier location identification.

3. Water and snacks

There are lots of trekking involved in protests, bringing a water bottle and some snacks along will be of great help.

4. Umbrella

It is still the rainy season here in Nigeria. An umbrella will help you keep yourself from being drenched should the heavens decide to cry.

5. Means of Identification

It could be your school ID, work ID or any means of identification at all.

6. Cash

Ensure you bring enough cash along. This would help in transportation and even buying water and snacks for others.

7. Backpack

This will contain all your personal belongings. Your snacks, water bottle, wallet, power bank and other items will definitely be safer in a backpack.

8. Bandana or hand towel

This will help keep you safe from the hot sun or tear gas.

Go out and demand an end to mass murder.