UNIPORT scholar says sex for marks lecturers are mentally sick

By Brave Dickson

A lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Port Harcourt, Dr Steve Wordu has said that lecturers who indulge in sex or money for marks are mentally sick.

In a chat with our correspondent, Dr Wordu said nepotism recruitment is largely behind the employment of those sex for marks lecturers.

He said: “I think those who are doing it have sick mind because to the sound-minded lecturers, such corruption is unthinkable.

“What is causing this academic corruption is that recruitment of lecturers these days do not follow due process.

“People are employed as lecturers without being interviewed. They are employed on nepotism patronage.

“And nepotism recruitment of lecturers will bring in those who are not morally and academically qualified.

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“Categorically speaking, there is no justifiable reason why lecturers should indulge in academic corruption like sex or money for marks.

“In fact, academic corruption is supposed to be the worst kind of corruption because it corrupts the mind and society.

Sex or money for marks is becoming rampant as if nothing could be done to stop it and some lecturers are doing it shamelessly.

“If they say it is because of poor salary which is not true, a lot of us are also experiencing poor salaries and we are not indulging in sex or money for marks.

“I can even say that most of the lecturers that are indulging in it are not poor because some professors are also doing it.

“Those who indulge in sex or money for marks are lured because they want the unnecessary competition.”