Reactions As Rivers State Government Cancels Yet Another Sanitation

Florence Uwaeme

The Rivers state government yesterday, cancelled the state wide sanitation exercise that was scheduled to hold today. Cancelation of sanitation isn’t new to residents of Rivers state but the reason for today’s cancelation is rather new.

It was gathered that this month’s sanitation exercise was cancelled in order to allow new converts of Salvation Ministries to attend their foundation class this morning. As is expected, the cancellation is greeted with different reasons from residents of Port Harcourt. To some people, the governor’s decision is perfect and is a show of honour to God. While to others, the cancellation isn’t necessary and is considered a waste of time. To these people with this view, they have accused the governor of neglecting his political duties over his religious personal live.

“Good decision. It would be unnecessary and inhuman for Rivers people to hold sanitation tomorrow amidst the burial of Late Dr.Ferry Barineka Gberegbe, Senior Lecturer at the prestigious KENPOLY Department of Accounting. Who lost his life while defending the vote of Khana people for the victory of PDP.”

“Residents may no more take the RVSG serious in future. At first, there was no need for announcing it but later cancel.”

“Did the Governor cancel it because of the new convert? If yes, I pray and also hope that he’ll attend the foundation Bible class … because he needs to learn and hear the word of God.“

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“We don’t need to panic when God is in control. Seeing newly converted souls is better than sanitation exercise that are never sanitized. We should bless God for that gesture. The same gesture should be extended to other areas. Some retirees received a monthly pension since June 2019, while others who were retired before some the latter were just paid one month in December 2019. Therefore since the spiritual fallout has touched our environment by partially cancelling the sanitation exercise, I pray that the same should be extended to the retirees. May God bless Rivers State.”

“Imagine.. So decisions of that kind are now made in church services, please can someone help and tell me the system of government we are running In Nigeria because I’m beginning to get confused ooooooo!”

“This is when there is no clear cut boundary between politics and religion, u can’t for religious sake suspend the law that governs the polity. This is personalizing the affairs of government. I weep! We need philosophers to rule us.”

“Rivers State is dirty and you are celebrating that your Governor cancelled sanitation for foundation class? God, when are you bringing your son again? We really need him now.“