Opinion: Of BABCOCK Sex Tape

Florence Uwaeme

It is not surprising that children who are sent to school to study turn themselves into low budget porn stars. For your information, these things happen in all schools, both the missionary, state-owned schools, not forgetting the almighty federal schools where the tales fly around with reckless abandon.

Two days ago, a sex video of two students of BABCOCK University surfaced on Nigerian twitter. Trust me; people have fallen over themselves for the video on all social media platforms.

Several opinions have been formed on this matter and none of these is at all surprising. Considering the fact that hypocrisy is a patriotic Nigerian. Of course, it is not new how when a man and a woman do the same wrong of the same capacity in Nigeria, how the man is hailed and the woman is, of course, demonized.

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Please don’t get me wrong. I am not in any way in support of young adults releasing their sexcapades for everyone to see. What bothers me is why any normal person should upload that video when they have no intention of becoming porn stars in the nearest future.

Someone said and I quote “if you do not have any intention of becoming a professional porn star in the future, you have no need making a sex video.”

I disagree with this theory in its entirety. It is just like saying, “if you do not intend to become a professional dancer in the future, you shouldn’t make dance videos.” Couples make sex videos every other day.

The problem here isn’t in making sex videos, the major problem is in whoever that released the video to the general public which has led to the expulsion of the two students involved.

Some people are of the opinion that the person that uploaded the video online should be prosecuted and if he/she is a student of BABCOCK, should be faced with same punishment as the video makers. While others are saying that the girl should sue the school.

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Their reason is that the act was not carried out in the school environment and there was no particular document signed by the students that mapped out sexual intercourse as an offence.

Whatever may be your opinion on this matter, just be sure not to condemn just one party and leave the other for whatever reason. Nigerians should as well learn to not get over-excited over sex videos. The outbursts are becoming ridiculous.

One thing that I’ve grabbed from this event and the unfolding reactions is that you should know whom to trust with your private pictures or videos.