Army set to end menace of sea pirates on Rivers State waterways


Tina Amanda

The Nigerian Army says it has put in place measures to eradicate or reduce to the barest minimum the activities of sea pirates in Rivers State.

The acting Deputy Director of Army Public Relations, Major Charles Ekeocha gave the assurance following the incessant pirates’ attacks on the waterways in the state.

Recall that pirates operating on the waterways have become a huge threat to marine travellers who are being killed or kidnapped on a daily basis.

According to him: “Security on the waterways has always been provided to ensure that riverine areas are not hampered in their daily activities.

“We must secure the riverine areas for the law-abiding citizens to thrive. Be rest assured that we are doing something to eradicate or reduce it to the barest minimum”

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Major Ekeocha who said security is everybody’s business, appealed to local authorities and the general public to cooperate with security agencies by providing the necessary information in order to flush out criminals from the society.

“Security is everybody’s business and therefore the information should be given to security agencies to assist them to take out these undesirable people perpetrating the acts from the society.

“People of the area should be encouraged to vouch and provide information to our men on ground to help the law-abiding citizens of the area to go about their daily activities without fear of molestation.

“Also, the local authorities within that general area should cooperate with the army to make this possible, the perpetrators of these crimes are not from Jupiter but known individuals in the area. They should let us know and we promise that there will be total confidentiality from us”

He stressed that the 6 division is putting in place security measures that will remain discreet and surprise to all the criminal elements operating on the waterways.