Hair Styles That Can Make Heads Turn

Florence Uwaeme

Alright, people! It is the weekend and just like every other weekend, there are parties to be attended and we want you to look smashing with these hairstyles. There’s absolutely nothing wrong if you let the wigs and weaves breathe this weekend. Just walk into your favourite hair salon and get any of the styles in this article done on your hair and thank me later.

Braids never go out style. Be it box braid or the twist, the lustre and fitting these braids give makes it easy to be loved. One of the good reasons to try out braids this weekend is because they make it possible for air to touch your skull.

  1. The Regular Box Braids

If you love colours, there is nothing wrong if you wear wine, blue, purple, red, pink, neon, gold, silver, orange or white braid. These colours are exclusively for fashion-forward chicks that are not afraid to turn heads. Another great thing about these braids is that they are easy to style and can be worn with anything.

  1. Twist Braids

    Twist braids are slightly different from box braids but they are beautiful and can be worn in different colours and styles as well.

  2. Senegalese Braids

    This type is also known as Ghana weaving. It is originally from Senegal, West Africa. This can be made in all back, side parting, buns, and other beautiful styles.