A glance into 2Baba’s ‘No Shishi For Bribe’

Florence Uwaeme

With the 2019 general election around the block, there has not been better timing to educate and remind the electorate of going about their civil duties civilly than now.

Nigeria, being a very complex entity, needs this type of reminder to help keep the electorates in check and advice them on the impending danger should they refuse to heed this simple instruction of not selling their votes.

Just like every other work of art that educates, entertains, chides, and criticizes its social, political and cultural environment, this song encourages the Nigerian electorate to shun electoral crimes like vote selling, violence etc. They are advised to not be deceived by the myriad of promises these politicians make.

The legendary 2Baba gathered his fellow compatriots and made a timely song. We have the likes of Pasuma, Waje, Simi, Classiq, Mr P, Slimcase and Falz join hands in awakening the electorate to not succumb to the urge of selling their votes to politicians who are only out to get their votes in order to enrich their pockets/stomachs with the people’s collective wealth.

The song is revolutionary. Coming at the time Nigerians are expecting a new government that would turn things around for the masses, hopefully. For some reason, artists in Nigeria have turned a blind eye to the decay that is ongoing in their country. Could it be for the fear of being framed and witch hunted for holding a different opinion from the government? You never can tell these things! So, listening to a song that boldly dabbles into the forbidden political sphere is a breath of fresh air.

I think ‘No Shishi For Bribe’ should be more like a national anthem, Played on every radio station in Nigeria, especially now that Nigerians are in preparation for the general elections.


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