Lagos DJ kills himself

Seun Omogaji aka Xgee, a Lagos-based DJ has allegedly killed himself hours after leaving a note on his Instagram page.

The DJ reportedly drank “Sniper” a deadly insecticide that has dangerous effects on the human system.

The suicide note he dropped on his instagram page reads:

“Okay there is a twist to this last respect ppl give to their loved ones when gone.
Black as signs of sadness…but in my case please Rock WHITE Cos i love this colour so much.
To all have made smiled and to those i have pissed off trust me im only being Human. Enikorewa i love u so much , Eriayo u name sums it all up u are truly d reason for my Joy.
Omobolanle ajoke u know i care .. Moradeke my mum may my God heal u and to my in-Laws Stay Blessed Always ❤.”

DJ Xgee is reported to be having serious marital challenges and had been pleading with his to take things easy.

She reportedly moved out of their matrimonial home. Inside sources say he begged her to return, but she refused, then out of depression he decided to take his own life


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