Wike berates FG over Prince Charles’ visit

Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the governor of Rivers State, on Thursday, stated that the APC Federal Government shielded Prince Charles of Wales from visiting the Niger Delta and neglected the region that produces the nation’s wealth.

Wike made the statement when he granted audience to an international preacher, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda at Government House Port Harcourt.

Governor Wike wondered what parameters were used in confining the Prince of Wales to Abuja and Lagos.

He said the actions of the APC Federal Government in the course of the visit of Prince of Wales underscored the negativity that has characterised governance under the present administration.

He said: “The Prince of Wales came to Nigeria and they took him to Abuja and Lagos. They didn’t want him to see the suffering people of the Niger Delta.

“It is our money and resources that they used to develop Lagos and Abuja. Yet they did not want the Prince of Wales to see how they have neglected the area that produces the wealth of the nation.

“Look at the sitting arrangement of their photograph with the Prince of Wales and where they placed the producers of national wealth?”.

He said that the action of the APC Federal Government is very painful.

Governor Wike commended the leaders of CFAN for coming to Rivers State, despite the plots by the APC Federal Government to de-market oil producing states.


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