At least 11 people, including police officer confirmed injured in California bar shooting

Police said that at least eleven people, including an officer, have been confirmed injured after a gunman opened fire on a packed bar in Thousand Oaks, California. The scene is still considered active.
SWAT officers and at least four ambulances rushed to the scene. It is understood that approximately 30 shots have been fired. The incident is being treated as a level 2 mass casualty incident, meaning that between 11 and 20 casualties could have been sustained.
Witnesses describing the moment the gunman opened fire said the man first shot the bar’s security guard at the door with a handgun. The alleged perpetrator then threw smoke bombs into the bar and continued shooting.

Some of the people fled to a nearby gas station to safety, with reports saying people broke the glass of windows in an attempt to escape the rampage.

The FBI are now at the scene of the shooting and the bomb squad has been requested.

Police were apparently advised that the suspect was a “bearded” man in his early 20s wearing all black clothing.

Law enforcement said later that at least 11 people have been wounded, including one deputy.



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