Retirees barricade Rivers State House of Assembly over unpaid gratuity

Several retirees under the Contributory Pension Scheme have stormed the Rivers state House of Assembly over their unpaid gratuity and pension entitlements.

The protesters also demanded the immediate abrogation of the scheme so that they could be paid their entitlements.

Leader of the retirees, Lucky Atti, noted that from July 2015, they had not been paid their pension and gratuities.

Atti urged the Speaker, Ikuinyi Ibani, and Majority Leader of the House, Martins Amaehule, who addressed the protesters, to enact a law to repeal the law made in 2012.

He noted that the reason was because the state government have not been able to pay its own part of the agreement while the pension quota of the beneficiaries had been duly deducted.

He disclosed that they had approached managers of the scheme for their entitlements to be paid, but unfortunately PenCom said the money could only be paid when their partners(the state government) pays its part or officially cancels the process.

However, the Speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly, Ikuinyi Ibani, said the legislature would look into the matter and ensure that the matter is resolved.


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