Road accidents not due to speed violation alone – Rivers NURTW Boss

The recently released transport data by the Nigerian Bureau of statistics has shown that two thousand six hundred and eight road accidents which occurred within the 2nd quarter of 2018, happened as a result of speed violation by road users.

The Chairman of the National Union of road transport workers Rivers state, Ominiayebagha Kalango, told our correspondent Tina Amanda, that most road accidents occur due to bad roads across the nation and not just the speed violation factor.

He noted that several other factors such as human error, poor vehicle maintenance and fake spare part also contribute to some of the causes of road accidents.

“Road accidents can come from so many factors. Most times, the roads that are supposed to be dualized are not upgraded thereby leaving the drivers with just one lane and if someone wants to overtake on a one lane road, it becomes more dangerous. The human factor is very paramount, not necessarily the reckless driving alone but the judgement and how well the driver is able to calculate before overtaking and if at that point a coming vehicle is close, then the possibility of avoiding a crash at that moment becomes very slim.”

Comrade Kalango, however, urged drivers to desist from taking intoxicating substances before embarking on any journey in order to reduce frequent road accidents.

“Accident is purely an error of judgement and some risks are not supposed to be taken. Some of the drivers on the wheel are under substance/ alcohol influences, some take substances such as monkey tail, some codeine and some take strong drinks.

It’s very important that drivers stop these substances so that it doesn’t affect them while they are on the road.”


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