Boat Drivers Want Abonnema Wharf Jetty to be rebuilt.

Gladys Nweke

The Boat Drivers Association, Abonnema Wharf Branch has called on the Rivers State government to rebuild the Abonnema Wharf Jetty to modern standard to ease water transportation in the area.

The Association which described the Jetty as an eyesore appealed to the state government to urgently embark on the rebuilding of the jetty to give it a facelift in the state.

The chairman Ke-Boat Drivers Association, Abonnema, Mr Tiriya Aboko disclosed this to during an interview on the way forward for the state.

He noted that, the quick intervention of government on the Jetty will improve water transportation in the state and yield more revenue.

Tiriya who lamented the poor sanitary condition of the Abonnema Jetty said, proper sanitation of the Jetty will attract both local and foreign investors to the Jetty.

Describing the Abonnema Jetty as one of the oldest in the state, the association boss said that lack of modern facilities in the Jetty to ease transportation and track down pirates on the waterways would among other things hinder development of the sector.

On safety, the chairman said, boat operators ensure that all passengers adhere strictly to the safety rules and regulations before boarding the boat.

He appealed to the Nigerian Navy and Marine Police to assist and provide safety to water transporters by patrolling the channels and creeks to check sea robbers