God will reveal those behind my son’s death.

Father of the University of Port Harcourt student, Godstime Chinedu Stephen, who was found dead in the premises of Dufil Nigeria limited Choba on the 31st of January has said that God will reveal those responsible for the death of his son to him.

The bereaved father also bemoaned the attitude of the lawyer to the company who he said was playing games over the matter.

“If you don’t have anybody, you are not going to go far. If not for my uncle, the way that they (dufil) planned to do it, they wanted to sideline us.

“They wanted to use force on it. They said that I should come and sign my son’s autopsy. I told them that I will not do such a thing unless I speak with the rest of the family.

” I am not even comfortable with the autopsy as it won’t reveal who the killers of my son were.

“The company’s Barrister was playing games until we demanded to meet with the Indians who own the company.

“Up till now, I have not seen my son. When they went to the mortuary to see him, I didn’t enter inside. I just stayed back in the car. I have this feeling that if I see him, I will faint.

“I don’t want to see him so that I can live long and train the other ones. I have the feeling so much that I don’t sleep well.

“Before my son died, I had a discussion with him. I told him that now that you are about to finish school, he should be careful.

“My son is a singer, a dancer and a comedian. He does a whole lot of things. At the end of the day, it happened like this. I don’t want to question God why it happened like this.

“We don’t know what the Dufil management have in mind. You cannot assume anything until you hear from them.

He said that prior to the death of his son, there was no known threat against him by anybody.

He said that his son was the quiet type who doesn’t have time for people.

“He only talks to me and his mother because we are his parents. When it is time, God will show me people who have killed him.

“He works at the indomie where they found his body. He works only night shift because of school. They also called the police to take his body to the mortuary.

“When they found his dead body there, they claimed that they didn’t know who he was. We last saw him on Saturday and searched throughout Sunday until Monday.

“I went to see my cousin who my son was working under and begged him to help me protect my son’s job until we find him.

“It was there that he called somebody and asked him to describe the corpse that they took to the mortuary. When the person was describing how the corpse is was when my wife said that our son fits that description.