Common mistakes people make while visting the sick

We all hate hospitals due to one reason or the other but when we have a sick family member, friend or relative, it is important to visit them so as to give them moral, emotional and physical support as a way of encouraging them and making them feel better.

However there are things you should not do while visiting them. Trivial as it may sound, it is crucial in their recovery and you are there to help them feel better not work them up.

Do not sit on the patient’s bed

Tired as you may be, you should never sit on the patient’s bed. The reason there are no seats is so that visitors don’t get too comfortable. Get it? The last thing you should do is sit on a patient’s beddings with your dusty clothes which could lead to infections.

Criticize the doctor or treatment

Hard as it may be, do not raise your dissatisfaction in front of the patient. Never talk bad about the doctor’s expertize and leave the treatment one is getting alone. You don’t expect the medication to work immediately!

Help the patient get out of bed

Seriously! Never do this at all. It is the work and duty of the nurse to do this and not anyone else, even though the patient requests you. Just call the nurse to assist.

Never eat the patient’s food

This is obvious but unfortunately it is not observed. Never ever do that! It is rude and demining to do so. It is bad manners. That food has been specifically prepared for the patient’s nourishment.

Do not discuss hot topics

When you go visit a patient do not start discussing about your issues, it is not the right place to do so because the patient is not in the position to respond much. Avoid stressing the patient more.

Do not make noise

As hospital policy, it’s good to observe silence so as not to disturb the patients. Talk in low volumes and avoid laughing loudly.

Do not smoke or drink

This is the last place you should do that. At no time should you smoke or drink when visiting a patient or in hospital. This will affect them in one way or the other and you will be kicked out for endangering their health.

Do not overstay

Remember how annoying it can be when you want to leave or go to bed but a visitor won’t leave? Now imagine that while you’re in a hospital bed. Keep your visits brief to give the patient time to rest and also give the doctor’s time to monitor and observe the patient without any disturbance