Few hours after we praised Facebook for bringing a nice feature Snooze, they announced pre-roll video ads. Pre-roll ads are those adverts that play first before the video you click on to watch starts playing. These ads will last up to six seconds – that’s two more seconds than YouTube. The good thing is, they are going to roll out a test next month (2018). Don’t panic, your News feed won’t be filled up with video ads that you don’t want to see. The pre roll ads will appear in the “Watch” hub as we will explian later. Is this a good move? is this the best timing? How does it work? This article will answer all these question and more.


For years, Facebook executives have said they don’t want to run “pre-roll” ads — ads that run before you get to watch the video you want to play — because users don’t like them. Now, there are going to be running it. How is works? You clicked on a video you think you’ll love to watch on Facebook “Watch” hub. A six seconds video advert with plays first (with advertisers link of course) before the video you clicked on starts playing. Earlier this year, Facebook started Midroll Ads and now they are bring it to the front line. Below in the picture you will clearly see the Facebook “Watch” hub or tab or menu. It is only videos in that “hub” that will show ads be it pre-roll or midroll.

Facebook ads for business
Facebook ads for Business


It depends on where you are looking at it from. A big Yes from the Business end. You have to monetize your fan base and every other opportunity that your business brings. It’s a Big No too if you are looking at a way to make your users happy. It’s a two sided coin. Users hate Pre-roll ads while advertisers/publishers can’t live without it. Still on the business end, pre-roll ads are the best video format currently in terms of reach and revenue generation. So, I really don’t blame Facebook for searching out a way to get maximum return on investment. The other questions will be the timing and this could turn out with Facebook competitors.


Facebook is trying hard to implement this in a decent way that it’s users won’t revolt against. The main problem here is that Facebook users might lose some confidence as the company had been so verbal against it in the past. There is a good tendency that it could make many users use Facebook less that they were using it before. That is why we need your opinion on this.

Will you use Facebook less because of the Pre-roll video ads?