RIWAMA calls for proper management of waste disposal


Head of Administration Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA) Ian gobo says cities must be well planned to take in certain infrastructure for efficient solid waste management in the state.

Ian gobo, who stated this in Port Harcourt, said the challenges in many urban centres are the inefficient and inappropriate strategies of managing waste generated.

According to him, the increase in human activities such as residential, industrial, commercial and other social activities in urban areas has generated large quantity and quality of solid wastes such as food remnants, plastics, papers, metals.

He noted that communities hardly support waste management Agency in providing locations to keep receptacles for proper waste disposal.

“in all cities of the world two things standout in waste management;the time of collection and the mode of containment and for us the mode of containment is the best approach in commercial designs that we are trying to put in place. It’s very easy for people to get locations and give out portions of their lands to PHCN to place transfomer than to give RIWAMA space to place receptacles, people want light but they want to dispose their waste”

He urged government, international organizations, communities and individuals to pursue sustainable waste management in all urban centres in rivers state in order to save the environment.


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